Reading digital is a software platform for creating your OWN ebook store with complete realtime control over the business. consists of the following:

  • Publisher's web-site (possibility of upgrading the existing one with new options and an e-reader)
  • Here you can search for a title, read an excerpt, buy an ebook, make a personal profile, etc.
  • Admin Panel
  • Back Office
  • Reading applications for mobile devices
  • Reading applications for personal computer
  • Payment Module

Multilingual support

The platform covers all languages written in the following scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Myanmar, Georgian, Hangul, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, Khmer, Mongolian, Han (Japanese, Chinese, Korean ideographs), Hiragana, Katakana, and Yi.

The team

The platform was first launched in November 2013, whereas all of it’s components have been continuously upgraded. The product was developed from the scratch in order to provide the programmers/developers absolute control over each program line/line of code

The development of the platform includes:

  • Team of programmers for all environments
  • Team of graphic designers
  • Team for testing and achieving high level of intuitiveness of applications
  • Team of proven experts in the area of publishing, education and culture
  • Data Security team

The challenges

  • Screens with different sizes (from 3” to 30”)
  • Different operating systems
  • Safety of the files, on the device and the server
  • Frequent changes of the device models, technology, functionalities...
  • Problems with image optimization/Image optimization issues
  • Problems with footnotes/Footnote issues
  • Complicated and non-­‐functional conversion of other formats to xhtml
  • Limited memory
  • Risk of obsolete devices, risks of outdated technology/Hidden risks/dangers of outdated technology

Back components

Admin panel

  • Administering registered and unsuccessfully registered users
  • Managing and updating ebooks, categories, genres, authors, intros, ISBNs, CIPs …
  • Administering advertising banners, sliders, etc.
  • Importing existing user database directly into the platform’s database

Back Office

  • The proposed server solutions have been designed to provide sustained access to an unlimited number of users
  • Online, real-­‐time access for monitoring ebook sales (upon users, groups, period, what has been bought, etc.)
  • Generating complex reports on users (according to gender, place of residence, age, number of books bought)
  • Generating reports of the most read titles during specific timeframes (last week, all time, as well as the most popular writer, etc.)
  • Solution for automatic backup of all databases

Payment Module

  • Connection with domestic banks, PayPal…
  • Generating and maintaining the e-­‐distribution of e-­‐invoices
  • Providing financial statements
  • Calculation of profit derived from the distribution if there are authors under contract with the publisher


Applications used for different operating systems of the platform have the following functionalities:

  • Sorting out ebooks upon: Our Newest, Newest in Printed Edition, Oldest in Printed Edition, Most Read, Alphabetical Order, Author’s Name… Other sortings can be added on demand of the publisher
  • Filtering upon one or more criteria. Ex. Prose + Novel + History + World Classics = “War and Peace”
  • Search through the classical search option
  • Creation of “My Books” shelf
  • Commenting and reviews/assessment of ebooks
  • “Share” ebook on Facebook, Tweeter, G+ and all the other application supporting Share
  • Display of advertisement banners at several positions


The e-reader offers:

  • Navigation through the ebook using TOC, sliders and the classic browsing
  • Adding unlimited number of bookmarks. A bookmark can be added at a certain paragraph, not page, which is a more intuitive solution
  • “Underlining” or marking text
  • Adding notes with personal comments
  • Search Google, Wikipedia, ebook, or even a digital dictionary for certain words or phrases- all of them are embedded in the application


You can boost your user experience by setting/adjusting the following parameters:

  • Font size settings
  • Margin settings.
  • Selection of themes: daily, night or sepia
  • There are six types of fonts. Other fonts with new names can be added on demand
  • Align text to the left or justify text
  • Locking up device orientation to portrait, landscape or auto


Comparison vs. Mainstream platforms

Other platforms
Reading . digital
Protection from theft and copying of ebook content
Custom application/app design
Creation of reader profile according to publisher's requirements
Real-time and full control over sold ebook copies
Menus, messages and notifications in native language
Absolute control over income and profitfrom day one
Foreign bank commission and currency conversion is not charged
The publisher receives 100% of the sale price
The publisher receives the money instantaneously, not after 45 days or more
Possibility of having promotional banners in applications
Unlimited advertising space in applications
Generating profit from advertising
Headings: "Our suggestions", "Buy one-get one free"...
Unlimited number of custom reports
Utilization of custom fonts

Protection and safety

Protection from theft and copying, as well as the safety of the platform, has been an imperative and thus the most important aspect of our concept.
How have we resolved that? We have developed a special file format based on xhtml, which can be reformatted into a new format with extensions upon choice, hence the file can be created as JackLondon-TheCallOfTheWild.PublishersName
Our format is protected by encrypting/data encryption and it is a leader in the safety standards.
Each user (device) has its own specially personalized ebook that cannot be opened on any other device, except the one where it was downloaded. In addition, there is an option for the publisher to determine on how many devices the same ebook will be made available for reading.

Financial advantages of the e-publishing

Low initial expence

No printing costs

No distribution costs

No bookstore employees

No selling commission

No storage costs

Ability to generate profit

Back Office replaces an unnecessary accountants

Business advantages for e-publishing

The time between signing a contract with the author and publishing the ebook is measured in hours, not days or months

The publisher can correct all printing errors at any tim.

The circulation of published ebooks is unlimited, thus additional printing is unnecessary

There is no risk of more or less printed copies

There is no risk of publishing works of young and unknown authors

The ebook market is the entire world, not only the local book-stores

Ebooks reach the reader in less than a second, without postage

There is a possibility to read excerpts in order to promote new ebooks

Advantages for the readers

The access to the desired ebook is measured in miliseconds, not hours or days

There is no "Sold out"

Nobody can borrow your favorite book and never give it back

You do not need to "hang" in big bookstores for hours, flipping through each book and asking the bookstore clerk what the book is about

Your favorite books are always there when you need them

You cannot lose an ebook

When on vacation or on the road, you can carry an unlimited number of your favorite ebooks

The unlimited number of books weights a total of 300 grams

You can search the entire book by word or phrase

If the letters are too small for you, you can make them bigger/enlarge them

Read at night without lamp or glasses, and without disturbing your partner

Ebooks can contain audio recordings, videos, and links to other web articles

You can highlight and underline as much as you want/like without ruining the ebook

The pages cannot be torn and you cannot spill coffee on your ebook

There are no postages and you do not wait for a book to reach your home for days

If your computer, tablet or smartphone gets stolen, do not despair, all of your books are in a safe place

You do not need a special part of furniture or several square meters of your living room to arrange hundreds of "dust-collectors"

There is no need to cut half a forest down in order to publish the complete works of Mark Twain. Nowadays, hard-copy books are called Dead Tree Editions

In every home there are books that are not your favorite, or you simply do not want them around. They occupy space, they are always in your line of sight, and you do not have the heart to throw them in the garbage. With ebooks it's easy- you just push a button and poof!

And last, and maybe the most important benefit of ebooks is that you pay less for a book that will be yours forever

How and where can you read your ebooks?

  • On desktop or laptop computers using the web-browsers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • On desktop and laptop computers using special applications for Windows 10 and Chrome OS
  • On mobile devices (smartphones, phablets and tablets) using the application for Android OS, iOS and Windows 10

Ebook production

  • The "production" and graphic design are very simple. They comprise several Open Source applications
  • Unique procedures for footnote presentation have been developed
  • Image optimization has been developed to the highest level/extent, which results in low memory usage, especially on mobile devices
  • The platform supports publishing of multimedia ebooks

Maximum reading convenience can be achieved by setting the following parameters:

  • Font size settings
  • Margin settings
  • Selection of themes: daily, night or sepia
  • There are six types of fonts. Other fonts with new names can be added on demand
  • Align text to the left or justify text
  • Locking up the device orientation to portrait, landscape or auto

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Powerful 3.2 ver. has been released.

1 Sep 2016

New native e-reader has been built from scratch.

2 Nov 2015

Android and iOS 1.0 ver. applications has been published.

31 Jan 2014

Platform version 1.0 has been published

1 Nov 2013

Idea has been born.

12 Jun 2013