About Us

The story behind Reading.Digital

The creation of Reading.Digital started with the idea to make digital preservation of the world’s literary treasure.
The platform was developed from scratch and the end result is a digital space that enables publishers to publish and distribute their eBooks safely and easily, and, at the same time, allows their readers to immerse in an exceptional reading experience.

We want to help publishers all around the world to adapt their work to the new technological era and make their books accessible to the new generations. Our team of experienced developers, graphic designers, QA and testing professionals and experts in the field of publishing, education, and culture, worked very hard to make Reading.Digital what is today – a stable, secure and optimized technologically advanced platform for publishing and distribution of eBooks.

Our main goal is to provide publishers, regardless of the language their books are written in, the opportunity to create their own platform and publish and distribute copies of their eBooks to everyone, everywhere and at any time.