Reading.Digital is created with a complete user management panel (Admin Panel and Back Office) for you to keep up the pace with the ever-evolving digital publishing world.

Back Office

Unlimited Number of Users

Get access to an unlimited number of users.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor eBook sales based on different factors – users, groups, period, type and more.

Complex Reporting

Generate accurate data and detailed reports on platform users and on most read titles during specific timeframes.

Fast and Easy Backup

Fast automatic backup of all databases to prevent data loss.

Admin Panel

User Administration

View and manage users’ profiles based on devices, titles and number of eBooks.

E-books Management

Fully manage and update of eBooks, categories, genres, authors, ISBNs, CIPs.

Banner Managment

Manage advertising spaces (banner and slider ads) and monitor their effectiveness.

User Data Import

Safely import existing users’ database directly into the platform’s database.

Payment Module

  • Receive payments from all domestic banks and international payment processors (PayPal)
  • Generating and distributing invoices
  • Various reports to lead you through profit predictions based on different parameters
  • Financial statements

B2B Module

As a publisher, you can enjoy the benefits of our B2B Module which enables you, in collaboration with other publishers that would use the platform to sell their editions, to have real-time access to all the information related to their titles.

  • Reports on total eBook sales
  • Top selling reports
  • Review of users who have purchased a particular book